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You don't need to be self-employed to submit a claim - regular employees who pay tax through their pay slip can now claim too.

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As one of the UK’s leading PAYE Business Mileage Tax Rebate specialists, Work Mileage Tax Rebate has been successfully claiming tax back for motorists like you for over 6 years.

Our in-house team of acountants and tax claim specialists have built a close working relationship with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) over the years, helping to ensure that you receive back every penny that you’re owed. Over the last six years, we’ve successfully helped 34,000+ UK taxpayers claim for more than £18 million.

Millions of UK motorists are eligible to claim back overpaid tax on business travel – however claiming can be a very complex and time-consuming process, particularly where HMRC ask you to prepare and submit Tax Returns in order to complete your claim. Many people struggle to calculate their exact entitlement, and whilst it can seem tempting to claim alone, it can prove very expensive if mistakes are made.

We created Work Mileage Tax Rebate, the UK’s first and only dedicated business mileage tax reclaim specialists, to give motorists a simple, professional and secure means through which to claim tax back on their business travel expenses.

Real Claims, Real People

Tom Morgan, a PAYE-employed scaffolder from Leicester, was successfully awarded over £2,800.

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£2,500 average tax refund

The average 4-year mileage tax rebate claim is worth £2,500. Use our free calculator to find your number in less than a minute.

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Am I eligible?

If you have used your own car, van or motorcycle for business travel at any point since April 2013, and have been reimbursed less than 45 pence per mile by your employer, you will almost certainly be entitled to claim a PAYE income tax rebate from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). You do not need to be self-employed to claim – regular employees who pay tax through their pay slips are also fully entitled to lodge a claim.

HMRC does not automatically pay back overpaid tax on business mileage, meaning that you will need to submit a claim if you wish to claim back this overpaid tax.

Remember, there are strict HMRC deadlines in place for claiming back overpaid income tax. If you fail to submit a claim in time and the HMRC claim deadlines are missed, your entitlement will simply be written-off by HMRC and the funds retained by HMRC indefinitely.

So, if you want to find out how to claim your mileage tax rebate from HMRC, click here.

Customer Satisfaction

Our team of accountants and specialist tax claim handlers have an unrivalled bank of claims handling experience, meaning that our service is as comprehensive and thorough as possible.

Each and every customer is given a dedicated Claims Manager – an expert whose sole focus is to ensure that each customer is 100% satisfied with the service they receive, from start to finish.

In 2013 our commitment to customer satisfaction was enshrined in our Customer Satisfaction Charter, which sets out the levels of service that we aim and strive to work to.

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You can now track your tax rebate application in real-time using our secure Claim Portal.

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