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Scaffolder Tom Morgan's claim for £2,846.96

Scaffolder Tom Morgan's claim for £2,846.96
Name: Tom Morgan
Occupation: Scaffolder (Employed PAYE)
Drives: Vauxhall Corsa 1.3 CDTi
Refund: £2,846.96
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Leicestershire-based scaffolder Tom Morgan used his £2,846.96 Work Mileage Tax Rebate to help save towards a deposit for his first house.

“The service I received from William and the team was excellent. It took less than a minute to register my claim online, and just 5 minutes to complete the paperwork when it came through in the post a few days later. The team kept me updated as the claim progressed, and within a few weeks I had received my cheque!”

Tom used his work mileage tax rebate payout to help save towards a deposit for his first house, taking the view that it would ordinarily take a very long time to save up £2,846.96 from his regular wages. A wise use of money he would not have otherwise had, were it not for Work Mileage Tax Rebate!

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Care worker receives £680.04 summer boost

Care worker receives £680.04 summer boost
Name: Sam Westaway
Occupation: Domiciliary Carer
Drives: Bright red Mini
Refund: £680.04
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Sam has been working as a part-time domiciliary carer for 4 years, using this extra income to supplement her regular 9-5 job as a Pharmacy Assistant.

Sam uses her own car to visit clients, mostly in the area west of Cambridge and towards Bedford.

She applied for her Work Mileage Tax Rebate after receiving a recommendation from a family member.

“I genuinely had no idea that I was due a tax rebate. I didn’t know any other carers who were claiming for their

business travel, in fact very few of my colleagues had submitted a claim before I recommended the website to them. I can’t recommend the service enough and will be happy to recommend the site to friends and colleagues alike.”

Samantha used part of her £680.04 tax rebate to cover the cost of an expensive MOT and service for her car.

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Engineer Jack claimed £2,431.84

Engineer Jack claimed £2,431.84
Name: Jack Leonard
Occupation: Highways Engineer
Drives: Peugeot 407 SW
Refund: £2,431.84
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Jack approached us having used his own car to travel to various temporary work sites across Lancashire and the surrounding area.

Jack was self-employed until February 2012 and until then had completed his annual Self-Assessment Tax Returns, before switching back to being a regular employee on Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE) from the beginning of March that year.

His new job entailed a considerable amount of on-the-job travel in a private car, and his application covered the four tax years 2012/13 through to 2015/16.

Jack was awarded a £2,431.84 rebate in respect of his private car business travel, and his rebate was bolstered by the fact that his employer has never contributed towards his travel costs.

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Electrical Foreman Dan's £1,186 rebate

Electrical Foreman Dan's £1,186 rebate
Name: Daniel Smith
Occupation: Electrical Foreman (Employed PAYE)
Drives: 2011 Ford Focus
Refund: £1,186.00
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Electrical Foreman Dan Smith has been using his own cars for business travel since he began as an apprentice 9 years ago.

After having spent many years on the road travelling to various different temporary building sites, Dan decided to apply for his Work Mileage Tax Rebate at the end of April 2016.

He was able to apply for tax back on his business travel across the 2012/13, 2013/14, 2014/15 and 2015/16 Tax Years – a combined four years’ worth of business travel.


Dan is employed on PAYE. His employer had already paid him 20p per mile for this travel, so this was netted-off his application. However, he was still able to claim a further 25p per mile in tax relief back to April 2012.

His 2015/16 claim was slightly smaller than the earlier years’ figures – as he was given a works van at the beginning of 2016.

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