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Can I claim?

Filing a claim for mileage allowance relief could be worth up to 45 pence for every mile you have travelled on business since 6th April 2013.

Regardless of whether you have used your own car for business use on a one-off basis, or whether you use your own car for business on a more regular basis, you could be entitled to reclaim a substantial income tax rebate from HM Revenue & Customs.

For tax-eligible travel, which may include (for example) client visits or working from different offices or sites to the one that you are normally based at, you may be owed a substantial amount in overpaid PAYE income tax – provided you have not already submitted a claim.

If you wish to claim however – you will need to act fast. There are strict HM Revenue & Customs claim submission deadlines in place for those wishing to claim for mileage allowance, so the sooner you apply, the more you stand to gain!

Details regarding eligibility can be found on our website.

How much am I owed?

The average 4-year claim is worth £2,500. You can now use our free work mileage tax rebate calculator to find your number in under a minute.

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