Work Mileage Tax Rebate

How it Works

Work Mileage Tax Rebate helps regular employees get tax back on business mileage.

If you have used your own vehicle for work travel, you may be able to claim up to 45p per mile since April 2013 - and it takes just 60 seconds to find out how much you could be owed.

1 / Get an intsant estimate

Tell us how far you’ve driven on business, and our calculator will tell you how much you could claim.

2 / Register your application

HMRC doesn't automatically pay out mileage tax rebates – but submitting your claim takes less than 5 minutes.

3 / Get your tax back

As soon as your application is complete, we'll forward a cheque within one working day.

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£2,500 average tax refund

The average 4-year claim is worth £2,500. Use our free calculator to find your number in under a minute.

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Example Claim

David drove 30,000 miles last year using a privately-owned Citroen Xsara Picasso.

Of the 30,000 miles David travelled, 8,482 miles were on business – visiting temporary sites across the South West of England.

David’s employer reimbursed him 20p per mile for the business trips – a total of £1,696.40.

David applied for a Work Mileage Tax Rebate, and we prepared an application allowing him to claim for the difference between his employer reimbursements and the HMRC Statutory Mileage Rate. He was able to claim for his eligible business mileage (8,482 miles), rather than the total mileage of 30,000, as his regular commute to the office is not tax-deductible.

His claim was approved and he was awarded a cheque for £848.20.

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