How often should I submit a claim?

Many people in the UK could be entitled to tax rebates on their business mileage. This is because, although HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is transparent about the items people can claim for, not everyone realises that in certain circumstances, business mileage is an allowable expense. Even fewer people know how to claim for it!

When it comes to mileage claims for tax purposes, HMRC cannot automatically refund your overpaid tax, because its officers don’t know how much mileage you clocked up for any past period, or how much you will do in a current or future period.

This means that the individual needs to make a claim on a retrospective basis. However, these claims may go back several years, as the tax exemption applied from 2009. Potentially, some individuals who travel many miles for business purposes could find that they are entitled to hundreds or even thousands of pounds in tax rebates!

Where can I get help?

Many people will want to claim for tax paid on mileage, but won’t necessarily know where to start. This is where can help.

We can help you through the process step by step, making your claim as straightforward as possible, with forms and calculations to help you see how much you could potentially claim back from HMRC. We have an FAQ section on our website and a tax rebate calculator so that you can get a sense of how much you might be entitled to. People who have been driving for work purposes for some years are often very pleasantly surprised.

Use our free calculator to find out how much income tax you could be entitled to reclaim.

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