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Existing clients can contact us via our secure claim portal.

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How to avoid scams & phishing

Work Mileage Tax Rebate will never send you notifications of a tax rebate by email. Tax rebate notification will always be sent to you by post, in writing.

We’ll also never ask you to disclose any payment information by email or by text message.

Please forward any suspicious emails to WMTR’s phishing team:

WMTR phishing team

Contact from Work Mileage Tax Rebate

Telephone calls

You will receive a telephone call from a member of our technical team if we need to confirm any further details before we can complete your tax rebate application.

We will not request any personal financial information, such as bank details or credit card details, during this call.

For security however, we will ask you some questions relating to the records that we hold for you, so that we can validate your identity over the telephone.

Fraudulent WMTR emails or text messages

Report a suspicious email

If you have received a WMTR email or SMS text message that you suspect isn’t genuine, please take a few moments to report it to the WMTR phishing team –

WMTR Phishing Team

We’ll need to share your email address with other organisations if necessary in order to close down the scam.



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