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I’m currently an electrician working for a medium sized business in the midlands. At 30, I have now been here for almost ten years after completing my basic qualification. Becoming an electrician was never my intended career path, having always aimed to develop property using my skills as a bricklayer and decorator in conjunction with my skills as an electrician, but on the advice of someone who remains a close friend I chose this path and am continually glad that I did.

For the first few years I trained and worked my way up the ranks to a more senior role offering me greater flexibility and opportunities. It was at this point that I put in a request to start doing visits to more bespoke workplaces to achieve greater variety at work. I now work with clients day to day at their offices, aiming to provide solutions to existing problems and helping oversee the installation of new equipment. Obviously as someone who does site visits, I’m usually dealing with a whole range of people at various locations and travelling many miles in the course of business.

I love my job but there are certain areas where I used to have an issue with; one of these was regarding the payment of expenses for my mileage. I used to get paid 15p per business mile which I didn’t believe was enough so queried the company; they subsequently changed the rate to 25p per mile. I asked if this could be increased any further, knowing that the HMRC rate was 45p per mile; this request was rejected. However, in an effort to ease my annoyance another member of staff who had experienced a similar problem told me about WorkMileageTaxRebate.co.uk, who detailed to me how tax relief could be claimed on the difference between my company rate and HMRC’s.

Knowing there was nothing I could do about the level of expenses, I bottled my annoyance and channelled my efforts into following up this lead about a tax refund. The website informed me that I could claim 20% (basic tax rate) of the difference, meaning 4p per mile. I drive around 8,000 business miles per year meaning I can claim a refund of £320 for this year alone. Having had a look at my previous years records, WorkMileageTaxRebate.co.uk informed me that I could potentialy claim £712 in total!

Obviously I was delighted about the money but knowing I can still save more was still frustrating to me. I’m currently trying to convince my company to match the rate set by HMRC as I feel the quality of my work deserves it, but for now I’m urging my friends and colleagues to give WorkMileageTaxRebate.co.uk a try as there are so many who are entitled to significant refunds!

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